Causes Of Damage To Furniture And How To Overcome It

Most people have invested a lot of money in buying the furniture they like. Beautiful furniture will attract attention to anyone who sees it even for visiting guests. In addition, of course, these functions and furniture are needed besides being able to beautify the interior of the house. If you need Property Inspection, you can visit our website right now.

In order for the furniture to remain beautiful and pleasing to the eye, of course, it requires special care. To care for your furniture should not be careless and careless, because every furniture requires different care. Depending on the type of basic material used by the furniture. For that, at least it is important that you have basic knowledge about the types and materials used so that the treatment method is more appropriate. Well-maintained furniture makes it more durable, durable, and not easily damaged.

Environmental damage
Wooden furniture is at risk of excessive moisture and dryness. This can cause the wood to swell and warp over time. Meanwhile, the lack of moisture or excessive dryness can cause the wood to dry out and crack easily. Humidity that occurs in ordinary wood is caused by poor ventilation, leaky pipes, and poorly insulated windows. For this reason, the best protection for this furniture is to keep it away from damp walls or heat sources such as direct sunlight.

Chemical Damage
Currently, there are many modern cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals that will actually damage furniture. Even products that claim to be gentle often contain chemicals that shouldn’t be used on wood. In addition, chemical damage can be caused by spills on food, cosmetics, lemon water, etc. For that, make sure if you have a wooden table at least use a tablecloth or glass coaster so that no food or drink spills directly on the wood surface.

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