How to Calculate Scaffolding Needs in Building Construction

You may be more familiar with formwork. Scaffolding or formwork is a building structure that functions as human and material support, as well as bearing loads as well as road access for workers in construction. Even though it acts as a construction assistant, Scaffold tower hire cannot be underestimated as it relates to safety. Scaffolding must be made of strong and clean material, especially away from slippery materials, whether on floors, frames, or stairs. If you are going to lease scaffolding, make sure that the formwork is in perfect condition or not bent. Scaffolding must be easy to install and dismantle so as not to waste time. Has a shape according to the concrete construction to be cast, both in terms of size, straightness, straightness, flatness, and others. Some questions that often arise are how to calculate the scaffolding required for a building project? This is aimed at economic effectiveness in using scaffolding

To calculate scaffolding requirements, you must use the Mapping method. The Mapping method will calculate more accurately the amount of scaffolding required by paying attention to the drawing of the building to be installed with formwork. When using scaffolding in construction, give priority to making blocks, then making floor plates. Measure the height of the structure to be built so that you know the number of levels of scaffolding required. Because it functions as a scaffolding barrier, calculate the volume of the room under the formwork that will not be cast. Typical scaffolding sizes are 1.8 m (w), 1.2 m (l), and 1.7 m (t). Scaffolding is also commonly used for wall painting or bricklaying. The calculation of scaffolding requirements is different from the previous one, which is calculated from the area size (m2). The scaffolding area is 1.8 m (p), and 1.7 m (t) 3.06 m2 (rounded to 3 m2).

Furthermore, the function of the scaffolding is to support the material. Like stagers, scaffolding is also designed to support materials that construction workers need. For small building constructions with as little material as possible, Steger can help. However, for large and high-sized constructions of up to hundreds or even thousands of meters, what is needed is no longer stager but scaffolding.

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