Prohibited Trading Techniques by Brokers

The world of best forex investments is a very fun world because we can trade using strategies or techniques to be profitable. Many ways can be used to obtain financial freedom in forex, especially in Nigeria. But know that there is a type of trading technique that is forbidden by the broker to use. Avoid these. Because it will affect the blocking of trading accounts and also the loss of all the benefits we have gained. You need to visit and learn more about it.

As Traders, we also should follow some rules. The freedom of innovation does not mean having to forget the rules of the rules. As already spread in several forums and also the trading community, a lot of complaints will be blocking the account and also cancel profit in the trader caused by the act itself. And the endpoint accused the Broker has committed fraud. Indeed there are some brokers who are proven to deceive. But still, more brokers are subject to existing rules.

1. Hacking /cracking techniques

This technique has not obeyed the rules. Because hacking is the same as stealing. Where hacking is usually done by traders hacking brokers server using software or applications that can benefit traders and harm brokers. This hacking technique can only work on the local platform only and also can directly go to the broker’s server.

2. DDOS trading server techniques

Attacking a broker’s trading server using a script or program is also very unauthorized. There are many reasons why traders attack the trading server. It could be traders who want to make the trading server to be busy because of some commands that many in a short time.

3. Installing excessive pending orders

Excessive pending orders can make the broker server down. For example, installing a lot of pending orders when pending orders were not used and even replaced price change. This is not allowed by brokers. Because it can make the broker server becomes heavy by excessive pending orders.

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