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These Problems Cause Sagging Cheeks To Appear Early

It should be understood, that what happens to all members of our body is due to the activities and habits that we do every day. Including sagging cheeks prematurely. The activities carried out, the cosmetics used, and the nutrition of the food consumed daily greatly affect the physical condition of each person.

This time, let’s discuss the causes of sagging cheek skin at a young age, such as:

Smoking can cause sagging cheek skin

I believe we all agree that smoking is bad and harmful to health for anyone. But you know what? not only bad for health, but smoking also has a fatal impact on the health of our cheek skin. This is because the toxins found in cigarettes can damage blood vessels in the body, inhibit the absorption of oxygen, and block the entry of nutritional intake into our bodies.

And when the blood circulation in our cheek skin is blocked, the cheek skin tissue that we have will be damaged more quickly. And this damage can usually be characterized by wrinkled and sagging cheek skin.

Frequent exposure to UV rays can damage cheek skin cells

The morning sun is proven to contain vitamin D which is good for our bones. But remember, that only applies to the morning sun. Trying to sunbathe during the day, instead of the body being healthy, it invites many diseases. Why? The reason is, exposure to UV rays that is too long and at the wrong time will trigger cancer cells to appear on the skin of the cheeks. And not only that, excess UV exposure will be the main cause of someone experiencing premature aging. And among the characteristics of premature aging of the cheek skin, is the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging cheek skin.

Stress affects the health of the body

Not only affects the health of the mind and soul, but the excessive stress experienced by a person will also affect the health of the person’s cheek skin. Therefore, from now on, be clever at processing emotions. Avoid and stay away from the causes of stress. Arrange a regular exercise schedule that we can do. Because, in addition to nourishing the body, sports activities can also relieve stress and the burden on the mind.