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Masks That Remove Oil On The Face

A face full of oil shine is not pretty to look at. For that, you need a series of skincare so that oil production on the face is not excessive. One skincare that can help is a mask. However, what kind of mask is suitable for oily facial skin owners? Don’t choose the wrong mask so it doesn’t make your facial skin more oily. The following are tips for choosing honey is good for oily skin .

Not all masks are designed for oily skin. There are 2 types of masks that you can choose for oily skin, clay masks, and peel-off masks. What are the characteristics of the two masks?

A clay mask, effective to absorb excess oil Clay masks are made from volcanic ash or mineral deposits. Its content is rich in minerals so it can help clean facial pores. This mask is a drying agent so it can absorb excess oil. If you have oily skin problems, clay masks are the most appropriate type of mask.

Peel off mask, deep clean pores Peel off mask is a type of mask that does not use water to clean it. To clean it, you only need to peel off the layer of mask that has been previously applied and has become supple. This mask is useful for removing dirt in the pores while reducing excess oil production.