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Oil-paper is not Enough to Treat Oily Faces

Oil-paper can actually be used for all purposes and purposes. But in everyday life, oil paper is often used as a friend in maintaining appearance, especially for women and men with oily facial skin. The oil paper plays a role in absorbing excess oil and removing shine from the face. How to use it is by pressing on the face that feels oily. You can also use honey for oily skin.

Naturally, the skin produces oil (sebum) to keep it moisturized and healthy. At normal levels, this natural oil helps make the face not dry and wrinkled. But if excess oil production, it will cause facial skin to look shiny and oily. Natural oil production is also influenced by weather, age, genetic factors, and hormones. People with excess facial oil need extra care as well.

Oil-paper is one product that is a friend for people whose faces tend to be oily. The use of wax paper is considered more practical because it can be used to absorb excess oil without the need to clean your face first. Just take a piece of wax paper and press it on the parts of the face that are most often oily, such as the forehead, nose, and chin. Another advantage is that oil paper does not cause dry skin and does not damage facial makeup. However, even though it is practical, using wax paper will not reduce oil production on the face. Therefore, the use of oil-paper needs to be accompanied by the use of other oily skincare products.

Here are products that people with oily faces should have, namely:

Face cleanser Face mask Moisturizer Sunblock

Apart from always providing wax paper, avoid washing your face too often and using oil-based cosmetics, as they can clog pores. If over-the-counter products cannot help you treat oily skin, consult a dermatologist for appropriate skincare advice.