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Tips for Creating Quality Time with Family on Weekends

Weekends are the most eagerly awaited time for many families. Some families have planned a vacation out of town with their loved ones, but some prefer to spend the weekend resting at home. Whatever activity you choose, try to get quality activities with your family. Spending time with your family on the weekends can increase your bonding with your husband and children, and relieve fatigue after busy activities and work. Don’t let time spent with your family be taken up just because you still have office work that you haven’t finished. As much as possible, try to organize your work time at the office to be more productive so you can go home without carrying a load. The weekend is the perfect moment to spend more time with your family. Plan to watch a movie at 123movies, take a walk in various recreational places, or just simply quality time together by making cooking and eating shows together at home source.

Getting used to breakfast, dinner together, monthly shopping, to gardening every week on weekends can be an effective way to strengthen your family relationships. On the other hand, routine activities carried out with family members can also build new habits that will continue to be carried out according to their schedule. Now and then try to involve your child and husband in helping out with the house work. Especially for children, assign homework according to their age. For example, your little one who is still in elementary school, you can ask him for help to tidy up and keep his room and playroom clean.
Meanwhile, your husband can help you to wash your vehicle and other heavy household chores. Apart from making your task easier, this activity can also foster closeness between family members.

Reduce the habit of playing with gadgets on weekends. Agree with the family that the use of gadgets or cellphones can only be used to take pictures together or in an emergency so that the togetherness with the family is maximized