The Body Needs “Recovery” After Exercising

Doing physical exercise should be interspersed with breaks so that the body’s muscles recover. This pause does not mean doing anything but choosing a physical activity that relaxes the muscles. After exercise the muscles need recovery. That’s why there are people who exercise but to no avail, their muscles are not given rest. a great thing to do after exercise include yoga, meditation, or others. If you keep tight (physical training), you can’t imagine what your body will become. If you don’t have time to do relaxing sports, you can consume supplements.

Then when is the best break time?

When you feel that your body is weak, that’s when your muscles need recovery, aka a break from strenuous physical exercise. The length of the lag time varies from person to person. But there are ways to speed it up, namely stimulating muscle protein synthesis, ensuring the right fuel for your muscles, and maintaining blood glucose during and immediately after exercise. If you weigh around 79 kilograms, then you should consume between 111-159 grams of protein per day. Your muscles depend on protein and the amino acid leucine for faster recovery. If you do vigorous physical exercise for more than an hour, drinking carbohydrate-rich fluids or water is sufficient.

An active lifestyle is proven to be able to keep a person away from various diseases. Doing regular exercise with a minimum duration of 150 minutes per week helps a person prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus. Improving bad habits with a healthy lifestyle and reducing calorie intake is effective in preventing type 2 diabetes mellitus. Intensive lifestyle interventions can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus by 58% in three years.

To replace fluids lost during your workout, don’t forget to drink enough water. During exercise, your heart also works much harder and requires more oxygen. So you must immediately replenish your oxygen intake again through drinking water. There is no need to drink a lot of water immediately after exercising.

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